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The inaugural 'Ambassador Reception' is organized by VisitBritain.

The inaugural ‘Ambassador Reception’ is organized by VisitBritain.

VisitBritain has recently highlighted the significance of the business events sector by organizing its inaugural ‘Ambassador Reception’. This event aimed to acknowledge the efforts of city sector and academic ambassadors who have consistently succeeded in attracting new international business events to the United Kingdom.

The gathering, which took place on Wednesday 13 September at the Institute of Directors, convened a group of 50 participants comprising British nations, cities, local ambassadors, industry stakeholders, and leaders from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

The reception was inaugurated by Nick de Bois CBE, Chairman of the British Tourist Authority, and then welcomed by Sir John Whittingdale, Minister of State in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology. Both individuals emphasized the crucial role and significance of ambassadors and their respective cities in the acquisition of new business events. They also highlighted the substantial economic and social consequences that arise from these events, not only for the priority sectors but also for the regions they represent. Furthermore, they acknowledged the ambassadors’ contribution to the overall expansion of the industry.

During the reception, two panel sessions were conducted, with Martin Fullard, Associate Director of The Business of Events, serving as the moderator. The initial reception was extended to three urban convention bureaus, namely Glasgow, Wales, and Leeds, who engaged in a discourse regarding their own endeavors in establishing prominent ambassador programs aimed at attracting novel corporate events. During the second panel, three city ambassadors representing London, Sheffield, and Edinburgh engaged in a discussion regarding their collaborative efforts with British cities and the consequential effects these events have on their respective regions. Mike Morrisey, the President of the European Society of Association Executives, additionally delivered a presentation and offered his insights from a transcontinental standpoint.

The inaugural Ambassador Reception organized by VisitBritain provided a significant platform for engagement between prominent industry stakeholders and Nick de Bois CBE, the Chairman of the British Tourist Authority. This event proved to be highly beneficial in fostering connections and recognizing the pivotal role played by these individuals in the industry’s resurgence and expansion. It is imperative that we unite in acknowledging the significant worth of our globally prominent business events sector and the pivotal function that our cities and ambassadors fulfill in attracting novel events to the United Kingdom. The tourism industry not only attracts visitors and investment to the United Kingdom, but also fosters innovation, diversifies our business sectors, and contributes to the worldwide discourse on important matters.

The event was organized by Paul Black, the Head of Business Events at VisitBritain, with the purpose of expressing gratitude and acknowledging the diligent efforts and significant contributions made by our local ambassadors to our industry. The voluntary efforts of individuals have played a crucial role in several aspects of marketing British firms to a worldwide audience, supporting regional development, and highlighting advancements in our commercial sectors. These endeavors have had a significant and indisputable influence on attracting major events to the United Kingdom.

This event provided an occasion to acknowledge the diligent efforts undertaken by our industry in the aftermath of a difficult period and unite in commemorating the numerous accomplishments that have been realized. We express our utmost gratitude to all the cities, embassies, DCMS, and industry figures who dedicated their valuable time to attend the event. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of this conversation in the forthcoming times. The proceedings culminated in a networking session, during which attendees were graciously welcomed to partake in a variety of canapes and beverages.

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