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Qantas announces new direct routes to Paris from Perth

Qantas announces new direct routes to Paris from Perth

Just in time for the 2024 European summer, as well as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Qantas announces the opening of a new direct service between Perth and Paris.

The new year-round route will see the national airline operate to the French capital for the first time in over 20 years, following the success of Qantas’s unique direct flights from Perth to London and Rome. This will reduce the current fastest travel time from Perth to Paris by approximately three hours.

Starting on July 12, 2024, and running four days a week during the height of the European summer, the 17-hour Perth-Paris flights will use Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Services will be decreased to three times a week starting in mid-August 2024.

The CEO of Qantas Group, Vanessa Hudson, expressed her excitement about the airline’s decision to launch a direct flight between Australia and Paris once more.

She continued, “We think customers will be as pleased to see this route go on sale as we are. It has been on our wish list for a while.”

“We know there will be a high demand for this service because our direct flights to London and Rome have been extremely popular, and Paris is the next most requested destination.”It is anticipated that Australian athletes traveling to Paris for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be among the initial passengers on these flights. Australia is our main market, hence we are the only airline that provides these direct flights instead of using a midpoint.Long-haul flights are the target audience for our in-flight service. “We’ll be collaborating with Tourism Western Australia to fully leverage this chance to attract tourists, realizing that direct flights play a big role in travelers’ decision-making.”

The Qantas Group’s international capacity is expected to surpass 90% of pre-COVID levels by the end of this year and return to 100% by the middle of the following year, thanks to the recent increase in flying and the launch of new aircraft.

The new routes will depart from Terminal 3 at Perth Airport, which is Qantas’ existing location. This would facilitate easy connections to other domestic Australian destinations. The talks between Qantas and Perth Airport to move their operations to Terminal 1 are progressing well.

Premier of Western Australia Roger Cook took great satisfaction in securing the new direct connection, which will enhance the State’s global standing as Australia’s Western Gateway.

“It is imperative to establish fresh direct aviation services such as these to encourage tourists to visit Western Australia, infuse tourism revenue into our economy, and generate employment opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sectors.”

Customers will have an additional option for connecting to over 70 destinations throughout the area, including 12 cities in France and Barcelona, Munich, Frankfurt, and Athens, thanks to the Paris service offered by Qantas and its network of partners.

Customers of Qantas can enter Paris and then use the same ticket to return to Australia via London or Rome by purchasing a “circle fare.”

Tickets are available for purchase from Perth beginning on November 2nd, unless they are sold out before then.

Flights from Qantas to Europe

Passengers from all throughout Australia can easily connect to Qantas’ flights to Europe.

Perth-London QF9/QF10 (787)

Perth-Rome QF5/QF6 (787)

QF33/QF34 Perth-Paris (787) (booking and travel from Sydney available)

Sydney-Singapore-London (A380) QF1/QF2

Customers of Qantas can also take flights operated by Emirates via Dubai and four other partners to Europe.

Source- Travel daily


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