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Red Sea Global, a developer, and Royal Commission for Alula have announced a new strategic relationship.

Red Sea Global, a developer, and Royal Commission for Alula have announced a new strategic relationship.

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) and Red Sea Global (RSG) have formed a new, comprehensive, and long-term strategic partnership to develop and expand Saudi Arabia’s quickly expanding tourism industry and strengthen the Kingdom’s position as one of the most sought-after travel and investment destinations in the world.

The Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC), which was signed by John Pagano, CEO of Red Sea Global, and Amr AlMadani, CEO of the Royal Commission for AlUla, will serve as a catalyst for the continued growth and expansion of Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry by enabling each project to transfer knowledge, expertise, best practices, creative ideas, and solutions as they advance toward their common goal of fulfilling the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 aspirations.

The ongoing regeneration of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea region and AlUla share many characteristics as two of the most ambitious tourism projects in the world and are only 350 kilometers apart. Both projects face and overcome various distinct challenges as they advance with comprehensive development strategies.

The new alliance, which will operate on a national and international level, will support the expansion of Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification by enabling each location to realize its full potential while gaining favor with both stakeholders and local communities.

RSG is leading a new model of regeneration that is helping to reimagine the sustainable luxury tourism industry by fusing the vast coastal area’s rich environmental biodiversity and cultural heritage with unmatched amenities and hospitality services. RSG is the core developer of Saudi Arabia’s stunning Red Sea region.

AlUla is one of the most diversified and engaging travel destinations in the globe, accepting visitors from all over the world. It is now recognized as a must-visit location for tourists looking for luxury accommodations and unique cultural activities amidst breathtaking natural scenery.

For the scope, ambition, and success of their efforts to position the Kingdom as a hotspot for tourism and a vibrant hub for economic development, RCU and RSG have both attracted the attention of the globe. Exciting developments will result from the opportunities provided by this new MoC in fields like sustainability, destination marketing, heritage & archaeology, art & culture, economic development, community engagement, education & learning development, green mobility, construction management, and sports.

“National partnerships are a vital pillar of our strategy,” said Amr AlMadani, CEO of RCU. “The Memorandum of Collaboration between the Royal Commission for AlUla and our partners at Red Sea Global represents a new wave of multi-level cooperation across diverse areas of investment, all of which are aligned with the common goal of super-charging Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning tourism sector.”

“RCU and Red Sea Global share many similarities, but our mutual commitment to bringing our aspirations to fruition is most obvious. We look forward to collaborating on creative regeneration projects that result in lastingly beneficial social and economic benefits.

John Pagano, Group CEO of Red Sea Global, stated: “As a custodian of some of Saudi Arabia’s most important areas of natural beauty, environmental significance, and dynamic community life, we are determined to leading a new model of development that prioritizes people and nature.

Our partnership will promote innovation in how we create destinations and infrastructure and, moreover, how we do so sustainably, as RCU shares our environmental aspirations and social principles. Together, we have the power to propel the Kingdom forward in a way never before possible and to upend conventional wisdom in the fields of sustainability and tourism, ” Pagano continued.
Source- Travel daily

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