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Wizz Air helps Disrupt succeed.

Wizz Air helps Disrupt succeed.

Wizz Air, Europe’s and the world’s most environmentally friendly airline*, has chosen Disrupt to increase brand recognition and trust among younger travelers through artist partnerships.

The prestigious agency’s newest high-profile client is Wizz Air. The London-based Disrupt is assembling a powerful, hand-picked roster of brand-authentic innovators who will speak to a diverse millennial audience of budget-conscious, risk-taking, and fearless travelers across a spectrum of travel industries. Disrupt will also use AI-driven sentiment research to track brand uplift as part of this effort.

Thanks to the 185 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft that make up Wizz Air’s growing fleet, travel limitations imposed by the epidemic are no longer an issue. “Our Wizz Air campaign is taxiing for take-off and we’re about to put the airline on the tip of everyone’s tongues, as well as on their travel documents,” said Stevie Johnson, managing director of Disrupt and former Made in Chelsea star.

“Wizz wants its clients to experience life to the fullest, especially young travelers. With an ever-growing list of destinations from airports in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, Wizz Air is an airline that is upending the travel industry. Disrupt is here to support Wizz Air’s growth while fostering greater confidence in the dependable, ultra-cheap airline that will ensure that young people travel more.

Disrupt’s Wizz Air influencer marketing plan will target budget-conscious, intrepid millennials who are eager to discover secret treasures. In 2022, Wizz Air carried 45 million passengers. The organization has recently been recognized as one of the top ten safest airlines in the world by, the only safety and product rating organization in the world, and will be named Airline of the Year by Air Transport World (ATW) in 2020. The most coveted award an airline or person can win, the Air Transport Awards recognize people and organizations that have distinguished themselves through exceptional performance, innovation, and exemplary service. Wizz was named Airline of the Year in 2019 and 2023. Additionally, Wizz Air has been recognized as “Global Environmental Sustainability Airline Group of the Year”* by the CAPA-Centre for Aviation Awards for Excellence 2022 and “Most Sustainable Low-Cost Airline” in the World Finance Sustainability Awards 2022.

“We chose Disrupt because their team was full of campaign ideas that we believe will resonate with our budget-conscious, environmentally conscious, young passengers,” said Fruzsina Polácska, marketing manager at Wizz Air.We are confident that Wizz’s content with Disrupt will help us reach and inform new audiences about the opportunities available to adventurous young travelers by increasing brand clarity and driving attention.

Wizz Air has hubs at Gatwick and Luton airports in the UK, as well as in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Liverpool. The airline employs 8,000 people across more than 50 nations, and it offers over 200 destinations worldwide on more than 950 routes.

Source- Travel daily

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