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Seabourn Expeditions Bookings Open for 2025–2026 Cruises

Seabourn Expeditions Bookings Open for 2025–2026 Cruises

While preserving opulent creature amenities, Seabourn has combed the globe for the most amazing encounters and chances for unplanned Seabourn Moments that can only be found on an adventure. Many of these itineraries are merely classified as “Experiences” or are subject to change, as guests will notice. By embracing this freedom, Seabourn’s expedition team members can actively design a trip that is customized for each customer, bringing them closer than ever to unique cultures, wildlife, and history.

Like every Seabourn voyage, the opulent Expeditions on Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit are based on real, customized experiences and are managed by a 24-person Expedition staff. A small number of scholars, biologists, and general naturalists are as passionate about exploring and learning about the world’s most remote areas as the customer is.

Throughout their journey, guests are invited and encouraged to engage with the Expedition Team in a variety of ways, including whale watching in the Bow Lounge, attending a lecture about the traditional SingSings they will encounter in Papua New Guinea, and engaging in more relaxed activities like sharing stories in the Expedition Lounge and eating meals together in the Colonnade.

During the last few months, Seabourn has been exploring a number of new experiences for the 2025–2026 season, all of which the opulent cruise company is excited to offer to its customers only. Favorite ones include:

Observing Kuri Bay while pearl harvesting with an expert pearl cultivator in the Kimberley • Seeing polar bears at the top Labrador region of the Torngat Mountains National Park in Canada

• Trying to traverse the Bellot Strait and taking in the vast amount of sea ice that stretches across the North-West Passage in all directions.

• Seeing nocturnal predators like the black caiman chasing their prey down the banks while on a night safari in the Amazon.

• Taking a dive or snorkeling trip in Tonga’s stunning coral reefs, where you can see blacktip reef sharks consuming sardines.

Additionally, Seabourn has improved and added to a few of its Seabourn experiences, which are exclusive to the far-off environment that the company’s specially designed expedition ships can reach and are currently available on a few sailings when Mother Nature permits:

• Caviar on Ice: Savor delectable caviar and tartare service while admiring the glittering glaciers from Seabourn’s large viewing deck. Alternatively, take a memorable Zodiac cruise.

•Moments that move you (Champagne Zodiac): Upon returning to the ship from an exhilarating Zodiac trip, guests are greeted by another Zodiac hiding behind an iceberg, delivering champagne for the adventurers who are thirsty. Visitors will always tell others about this undiscovered beauty that is buried in the ice and is never found twice.

• Polar Plunge: Wearing warm robes, guests can descend to the Landing Zone to support their courageous friends and maybe muster up the guts to jump themselves. Steaming glasses of hot chocolate are waiting for anyone brave enough to delve in, eclipsing the chill with a comforting reminiscence.

• Kuri Bay Pearl Reveal: Enjoy a glass of exquisite champagne and enjoy the marvel of nature’s hidden treasures. Tourists huddle together to watch as an oyster is carefully cracked open to reveal the pearl inside.

The Seabourn Venture or her new sister, the Seabourn Pursuit, are ultra-luxurious, purpose-built expedition vessels that serve as Seabourn’s “base camp” for each route, complementing these amazing experiences.

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