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Unveiled: The First Floating Cruise Terminal for Sustainable Port Growth

Unveiled: The First Floating Cruise Terminal for Sustainable Port Growth

The world’s first floating cruise terminals have been launched by MEYER Floating Solutions, a trailblazing business inside the globally renowned MEYER Group, marking a revolutionary development for the cruise industry.

These cutting-edge terminals provide cruise ports with an eco-friendly, resource-efficient option globally. MEYER Floating Solutions sets a new benchmark for port infrastructure with a range of several designs and modular options.

MEYER Floating Solutions, an essential part of the MEYER Group, which also consists of three prestigious cruise shipyards, has completely rethought port development with a focus on sustainability and flexibility. This innovative idea satisfies the requirements of ports with limited infrastructure while giving them the freedom to move or expand terminals as needed. “Our floating cruise terminals offer a dynamic solution for ports seeking seamless expansion options, ensuring the safety and confidence of both public and private investors,” says Kaj Casén, CEO of MEYER Floating Solutions, highlighting the benefits.

By employing proven technology and a combination of industry best practices and methodologies, MEYER’s floating solution avoids the need to start from scratch. In an environment similar to a factory, floating assets up to full terminal size can be produced (e.g., a shipyard). By using permanent mooring systems like mooring dolphins, this minimizes the need for land reclamation and other local site operations while maintaining vital safety and operability.

MEYER Floating Solutions provides a large selection of terminal designs that are readily matched with complementary modules, which are all produced under the MEYER brand and include hotels, parking lots, energy supply centers, and retail malls.

There are several options available, from simple pier systems that minimize interference with the environment and land infrastructure to intricate terminals with three or more piers that can handle multiple ships at once. The 410-meter-long and 265-meter-wide pier alternatives, which range in length from 205 to 320 meters, were thoughtfully designed to maximize utility. Casén continues, “Our terminals are purposefully designed to be modular, enabling operators to skillfully meet rising demand and improve their facilities with minimal on-site complexity.”

At the state-of-the-art shipyards of the MEYER Group, every module is painstakingly constructed in a controlled, eco-friendly atmosphere that protects valuable resources. This revolutionary creation marks a major advancement in cruise ports’ development. A new age in the cruise industry is being ushered in by MEYER Floating Solutions’ commitment to resource-efficient, adaptable, and sustainable infrastructure—one in which port expansion is effortlessly integrated with environmental preservation.

Source- Travel daily


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