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SITA and Biman Bangladesh Airlines collaborate on a connectivity solution.

SITA and Biman Bangladesh Airlines collaborate on a connectivity solution.

SITA and Biman Bangladesh Airlines collaborate on a connectivity solution.Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd. (BG) and SITA have teamed together to deploy a number of cutting-edge connectivity solutions that will improve network speeds, streamline airline operations, and lower the cost of expansion.

A new Secure SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) option called SITA Connect Go was created especially for the aviation sector. Versa Networks, a reputable vendor of secure access service edge (SASE), helped create the solution. It provides a software-based system that enables numerous airlines, ground handlers, and other tenants to undergo digital transformation at their own speed. Airports and the cloud both offer secure access to virtualized infrastructure and applications, improving performance and making it more scalable.

By providing the IT operations team with a detailed picture and complete visibility over their network consumption and application performance, the deployment will enhance the airline’s performance. Better decision-making and the execution of crucial business applications will be made possible. A centralised platform that streamlines network management and orchestration is used to handle everything.

With up to 600% more bandwidth made available by SITA Connect solutions, BG will have unmatched speed, flexibility, and agility when connecting swiftly and securely to applications and systems in its town and airport offices. As BG grows its network, these improvements have been provided to it at no extra charge, illustrating a decrease in total cost of ownership.

The agreement, which comes as SITA and BG commemorate their 50-year cooperation, will future-proof the airline’s operations for anticipated growth and make BG prepared to adopt a hybrid cloud environment and add new applications as and when necessary.

“We’re thrilled to commemorate a 50-year partnership with Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd. and provide the latest cutting-edge connectivity solutions that will be the foundations for their next growth chapter,” said Sumesh Patel, President, Asia Pacific, SITA. The key to success in this new era of air travel will be smart, effective, and flexible IT operations, which are the backbone of our industry. We are eager to assist BG in achieving their lofty goals and anticipate many more fruitful years of effective cooperation.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd. MD & CEO Shafiul Azim said, “SITA has established itself as a reliable and successful technology partner over the last 50 years. It’s crucial to make sure that our airline’s applications and systems are optimised. We can use SITA Connect to provide our entire organisation with blazing-fast, secure connections that can be modified as we grow. We are thrilled about the anticipated increase of aircraft from 21 to 45 by 2030 and look forward to providing customers with safe and dependable air travel in the ensuing years.

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