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WTTC: Women's Participation in Travel and Tourism Is Essential To The Sector's Global Growth.

WTTC: Women’s Participation in Travel and Tourism Is Essential To The Sector’s Global Growth.

At the Women Deliver Global Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) emphasised the significance of women’s involvement in travel & tourism to spur its growth and achieve a flourishing and resilient sector.

Julia Simpson, President & CEO of WTTC, stressed the significance of encouraging women’s involvement in the industry and overcoming obstacles for success in the business world in her speech at the conference.

The event acted as a forum to discuss the obstacles women in the travel and tourism industry experience and explore solutions in an effort to spur change and advance equitable opportunities for women in the industry.

The panel talks provided insight into the difficulties women experience in the workplace, including access barriers, practical difficulties, and ecosystem constraints.

The occasion emphasised the critical part that mentoring plays in empowering young women and girls in the economic world. The potential for economic transformation is unlocked via mentorship programmes through networking, opportunities, and resources.

“It is proven that companies with 50% women in leadership make more money,” Simpson asserted during her speech. This makes even more sense in the travel and tourism industry, as women typically decide where to book vacations.

“Employing women in prominent positions also makes sense; why would you deny yourself access to 50% of the world’s potential.

“Rwanda has a stellar record, with the majority of its MPs being female. With genuine passion and a track record of promoting gender equality, President Kagame spoke at the Women Deliver conference, which was hosted for the first time in Africa.

“A better future for the industry and the global economy will result from putting women at the forefront of the travel and tourism industry. Currently, women make up more than half of the industry.

“We can unleash tremendous potential and promote sustainable progress by addressing the obstacles and injustices people encounter.

The “Women Deliver” event acts as a change-catalyst by bringing together sector leaders, policymakers, and activists to collaborate on creating a future that is more diverse and affluent.

The worldwide tourism organisation estimates that women make up about 54% of the workforce. Although the travel and tourism industry offers accessible opportunities for women, it also has issues with inequality, including lower salary and employment security.

These inequities were reflected in the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects, which saw 62 million jobs lost in the travel and tourism industry, the bulk of which were held by women.

WTTC exhorts the public and private sectors to contribute in some way to encouraging women’s involvement in the travel and tourism industry. Governments are urged to implement measures that support the advancement of women in senior management, such as quota requirements for state-owned businesses and publicly traded corporations.

Women should have access to specialised professional development programmes in the private sector, as well as networking and mentoring opportunities.

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