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The Singapore Tourism Board Has Named a New European Regional Director

The Singapore Tourism Board Has Named a New European Regional Director

Kershing Goh has been appointed as the Regional Director of Europe by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), with the responsibility of spearheading business development efforts, marketing campaigns, and strategic planning for Singapore across the continent. The main offices in London, Frankfurt, and Brussels are under Ms. Goh’s purview, and she is tasked with expanding the European markets as a major source of tourism to Singapore.

Ms. Goh left her position as Senior Vice President, Future tourist, located in the US, to take up her new role in London. In that capacity, she developed strong relationships with international technology and idea bellwethers to recognize trends and implement them in the nation’s tourist industry. Additionally, Ms. Goh played a key role in enabling STB to be the first destination partner to adopt Google’s early access program, which allowed STB to jointly develop new use cases for XR and geospatial tourism.

“Europe remains an important region for Singapore, with strong air connectivity coupled with a deep consumer appetite for international travel,” Ms. Goh said in response to her nomination. Being able to join the European team during this period of great transition is an honor. My main goal is to make sure Singapore stays innovative for people who already know us and surpasses expectations for those who are visiting for the first time, with amazing new offers for both business and pleasure that are beautifully encapsulated in our new “Made in Singapore” campaign. We push ourselves to always present Singapore as the preferred travel destination in Asia by means of continuous innovation and revitalization.

Ms. Goh has been employed by the Singapore Tourism Board since 2014. She spent more than five years as the region director for the Americas before taking on the position of senior vice president for future tourism. During her time in the private sector, she held positions as the first USA country manager for the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism and Vice President of the US-based destination representation company, MMGY Myriad, with headquarters in New York. She also worked on strategy and market development projects for numerous international clients. Kershing taught the Master of Tourism Planning and Policies at New York University as an adjunct lecturer as well.

As Executive Director of World Expo and Special Projects, Ms. Goh succeeds Ms. Carrie Kwik, who is returning to Singapore and will continue to work with STB.

Source- Travel daily

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