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 The Top 15 Confusing Cuisines in the World

According to a recent survey, the world’s most perplexing cuisines include kimchi from Korea, falafel from Egypt, pho from Vietnam, and even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from the United States.

To identify the cuisines that give diners the most trouble while eating the delicacies, Remitly examined 2,700 dishes from more than 165 nations. With roughly a million searches for information on the Korean delicacy, kimchi, it was determined to be the most perplexing meal.

PB&J was the tenth most perplexing food in America, with hundreds of thousands of people searching for it on Google every year.

A recent survey by Remitly, a top digital financial services company for immigrants and their families, identifies the international cuisines that confuse travelers the most.

Researchers at Remitly developed a list of more than 2,700 meals from more than 165 nations to determine which cuisines are the most confusing in the world. These dishes were coupled with search phrases like “what is” and “how to pronounce” and analyzed to see which ones people had the greatest trouble understanding the previous year.

The Top 25 Confusing Cuisines in the World

With nearly one million (946,090) annual searches for the traditional Korean banchan (side dish), which is made comprised of salted and fermented vegetables, most often Korean radish or cabbage, kimchi ranks as one of the most perplexing cuisines. While kimchi originated in Korea, it is now available in shops all over the world. The tangy food can be used to elevate anything from salads and meat meals to soups and stews.

Falafel, which is frequently cooked with fava beans and is said to have its origins in Egyptian cuisine, comes in at number two on the list of the most perplexing foods. The deep-fried balls, also known as fritters, are a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine and are very well-liked by vegetarian diners. Fava beans, broad beans, ground chickpeas, or a combination of all three, are frequently used to make falafel.

Gyros, a specialty of Greece, comes in third with more than 660,000 searches per year. With salad, french fries, and tzatziki, gyros, a dish comprised of meat (typically chicken) roasted on a vertical rotisserie, are cut and wrapped in pita bread. Shawarma, a cuisine with Turkish origins that is identical to gyros in terms of ingredients and cooking preparation method with the exception of a hotter and more complex flavor, also ranks among the top ten most perplexing dishes.

Other meals that appear in the top ten most perplexing dishes are Italian delicacies like gelato and gnocchi as well as the enormously popular pho dish from Vietnam. Asian foods like chai, fufu, and sushi also appear in the top twenty and receive over 280,000 searches each year.

Even peanut butter and jelly, the traditional American sandwich filling, has a spot in the top 25, despite the fact that this flavor combination is notoriously difficult to pronounce.

Source- Travel daily

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