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The top regional airline in Australia, Rex, choose Aviator for revenue management

The top regional airline in Australia, Rex, choose Aviator for revenue management

Rex Airlines received the Skytrax Best Regional Airline title once more and had the best on-time record of any significant Australian airline. Rex is advancing technology in many ways behind the scenes, and they recently started adopting the most recent web-based Aviator revenue management system.

Rex needs a fully featured revenue management system to effectively manage their inventory and deliver the best outcomes for the airline with a vast network serving 58 destinations with 67 aircraft. Key Australian metropolitan routes are served by the Rex 737 aircraft, while regional centres in all Australian states are reached by the Saab fleet. Rex can provide great throughfares between regional areas by linking through Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast thanks to this extensive network.A leading international provider of IT services to the airline sector, Maxamation offers cloud-based revenue management. Aviator gives airlines the tools they need to optimise flight income with a strong, reliable system that is simple to use and has a track record of generating cash.

The headquarters of Maxamation are in Sydney, Australia, and it has support facilities and knowledgeable Revenue Management specialists throughout South Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America. The business was started in 1997. With the cloud-enabled system now being implemented across all 40 of Maxamation’s current customers, Aviator has continuously improved and now provides the revenue management solution with cutting-edge technology.

Rex is an established airline that operates in six Australian states. To directly compete with Qantas and Virgin on the busiest routes, REX has increased the number of B737s in its fleet.

Rex Airlines commenced by using turboprop aircraft to fly between its bases on flights between Melbourne and Sydney in March 2021 after originally providing regional flights from a number of locations across Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, and Adelaide are the current domestic flying destinations; flights to Hobart will start in August 2023.

Rex has a solid reputation for providing amiable service and places a high value on punctuality.

Source- Travel daily

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